“A bright statement on a dull Friday morning"

"Full of the promise Collective offers to the area and to the young people involved."

— The Independent


“This is a place I want to be"

 "I believe what's happened in Camden, has actually made people on the street go: this is changing, this is good, this is right."

— Mary Portas

“An impressive initiative"

"A crucible of cultural entrepreneurship offering practical support for ambitious Londoners."

— Boris Johnson


“How do we not have something like this in New York City?”

"A cycle of awesome that other municipalities could immensely learn from."

— Animal New York

"My first office was in the Camden Town Collective in Mornington Crescent, before I started SB.TV, I would always meet in coffee shops and those sorts of places. Then I found Camden Town Collective - that's what helped me start my business."

— Jamal Edwards MBE, SB.TV

“London's Camden reinvents itself as a hub for emerging businesses."

"The once-grubby canalside district has the third-highest number of start-ups in the capital as it looks to compete with Shoreditch."

— The Financial Times

“Providing affordable workspace, boosting business opportunities and creating jobs"

"Camden Collective is committed to ensuring the cultural legacy of Camden Town continues in often difficult market conditions."

— Ham & High

“Our aim has been to inspire the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”

“Collective was really supportive right from the start firstly because of the location. We made lots of exciting partnerships where we were based.”

— Anne Marie Imafidon MBE, Stemettes

"It's a good example of why we need to devolve more powers to local economies”

"Learning the lessons of places like this could really transform business, especially small business, across the country. I don’t think any Whitehall civil servant could’ve devised the Camden Collective – it had to be devised locally."

— Rachel Reeves MP


“It's a silver lining to the cloud hanging over our high streets"

"Small independent businesses can afford to bring new enterprise to spaces that would otherwise stand empty."

— Vogue

“Collective has been more than an office, I’s been a home.”

“From monthly induction evenings to fundraising nights to photography clubs, Collective has been a resource and a network that we couldn’t have done without.”

— Alex Smith, Obama Foundation Fellow