A bright statement on a dull Friday morning"

"Full of the promise Collective offers to the area and to the young people involved."

— The Independent


“This is a place I want to be"

 "I believe what's happened in Camden, has actually made people on the street go: this is changing, this is good, this is right."

— Mary Portas

“An impressive initiative"

"A crucible of cultural entrepreneurship offering practical support for ambitious Londoners."

— Boris Johnson


“How do we not have something like this in New York City?”

"A cycle of awesome that other municipalities could immensely learn from."

— Animal New York

"My first office was in the Camden Town Collective in Mornington Crescent, before I started SB.TV, I would always meet in coffee shops and those sorts of places. Then I found Camden Town Collective - that's what helped me start my business."

— Jamal Edwards MBE, SB.TV

London's Camden reinvents itself as a hub for emerging businesses."

"The once-grubby canalside district has the third-highest number of start-ups in the capital as it looks to compete with Shoreditch."

— The Financial Times

“Providing affordable workspace, boosting business opportunities and creating jobs"

"Camden Collective is committed to ensuring the cultural legacy of Camden Town continues in often difficult market conditions."

— Ham & High


“It's a silver lining to the cloud hanging over our high streets"

"Small independent businesses can afford to bring new enterprise to spaces that would otherwise stand empty."

— Vogue

"It's a good example of why we need to devolve more powers to local economies”

"Learning the lessons of places like this could really transform business, especially small business, across the country. I don’t think any Whitehall civil servant could’ve devised the Camden Collective – it had to be devised locally."

— Rachel Reeves